Above is one of two artworks I have recently completed. I had sketched them a while back and had just painted them the past weekend. It makes me feel accomplished when I can add new artwork to my social medias. I love to paint and I have been really lacking in creating new work.

Ideas are endless and with more time on my hands I can get back to my old pattern as I had back in 2011 when I was 19 and eager to show the world what I can do. This artwork above is of a character of mine. I haven’t even started writing the story but this character is very vivid in my head. He possess magic, particularly fire hence the smoke.

I do love writing stories and have so many. Either I have completed, close to completing, had just started or is still just a small idea scribble in my notepad. That is why I started my own blog, to allow myself to write and also to introduce myself as a writer along side my artwork.

I painted this piece with watercolours. The brand I use is called Eraldo Di Paolo, I have been using their paints since I made my Redbubble account back in 2010. Unfortunately that brand has disappeared and Australian stores no longer gets them in stock. Luckly I stocked up on the last I could find at Riot Art and Crafts! With this painting I also used white gel pen and black fine point pen for outlining the watercolour stains.


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