Music has always been a large part of my life and if I had to pick one band I would, hands down, have to go with Bon Iver because I love all of their songs and I can listen to them forever. My favourite song of all time is Towers by Bon Iver. I painted Towers in 2012, and it has been my best seller and favourite artwork I have done because it embodied by favourite song. When I paint songs, I first listen to the music and I will always picture the song in visual form so that is what I did with Bon Iver’s songs.

In these visions I do always envision a human body with a stag head because I feel as though the stag head represents dominance and the subject matter. I guess the water to me is symbolic of reflections since the songs are of a state of reflection upon past events. I write in the parts of the lyrics that I am most drawn to. I used watercolours and pens for this artwork. Other songs I have painted of Bon Iver’s are Towers, Flume, and Calgary.

This painting was inspired by Bon Iver’s Michicant




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