Bad art days

So yesterday and today I have attempted four artworks, two for each day. None of them were working for me. It is normal for me to have these bad days and it is embarrassing to admit to these failings but I realised that it is better to show failure. It is part of my work. The colours was not working for three of the paintings and I used too much water for the fourth painting. I can agree that I have more scrapped art than successful ones. People often think that an artist have one good painting after another but this is not true. Creating art is hard and you will come across a lot of failure like I do with mine.

So while I am going through these bad art days I decided to just relax and do some sketches. It does not matter if they are bad because the purpose of this is to let yourself loose. The three artworks above were the sketches I did today. The first and last were rough ideas for major artworks I wanted to do. I am really happy by how the last one came out, I feel that the blue worked well with the black. I was free styling with the eye and I was not bothered by how they turned out because they were just rough sketches.

So if you are, or have, experienced these bad art days then walk away. Do something else you enjoy to untangle your mind or do some rough sketches to experiment with colours and such. Happy painting!


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