I was painting these as a gift for a friend, they designed a landscape picture and I painted it. They loved both of these but I didn’t. The one on the left was not working out the way I imagined so I began to do another one trying to not use heavy amount of paint which does make it look lighter than the one on the left. I still didn’t like it XD. Nonetheless, my friend is greatly satisfied with both so if it is good to them then they are good to me.

Because of my bad art day I have to skip this weeks submission and speed painting 😦 sorry! I usually use the following day to do another but I need to use tomorrow to work on my university assignments. I have three to do before September 16th because that is when OZ Comic Con starts and also mid term holidays 🙂

My artwork Galaxy have been featured on Redbubble’s homepage last Wednesday and my artwork have been getting more attention and sales than ever before. More exciting news is that I passed my driving test first try in four years with only two non-criticals so I am quiet proud of myself 😀 So a lot has been happening in my life and I still have time to take steps towards my goals.

homepage feature

I credit this to my schedule (1 artwork + 1 speed painting per week). Except this schedule has been killing my creativeness. I have had more bad art days with this schedule than when I didn’t. It is challenging working with deadlines but I do love how productive I have been and this feature is the benefit of it. Thank you to everyone that likes, favourites or even just view my work. All this recognition means a lot to me!

Thank you!


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