In dark and cloudy times, there still shines light.

I am finding so much peace in these night sky paintings of mine. Space is so beautiful, it is quiet and so peaceful. I am sure most of you look up at the night sky, see the solar system and wish you could escape for a moment and just float around. When ever I have problems, had bad experiences or am feeling down, I look to the night sky. It gives me great clarity.

Do you relate?



2 thoughts on “Cloudy

  1. I love night driving, there’s a something oddly calming about being alone on roads that are only being lit by a few street lamps. I actually have a favourite lamp that sits alone, up on the crest of a small hill.


    • cadva says:

      Oooh exactly, especially if it is far from the QLD cities. The lack of light pollution allows you to see more of space. Thanks for the comment!


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