Clementine III


Introducing the final Clementine (for now) painting, from season 3 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead! Season 1 was a beautiful game and season 2 was not as great but still was a good experience, I got very invested in Clementine’s journey. So by season 3 it kinda let me down, although I was fine with Clementine’s journey, I wished we were able to go on her journey with her instead of being bombarded by flashbacks. There are also so many time jumps in The Walking Dead games, especially in the 3rd season that it really saturated the enjoyment of playing the game.

So yes, let me know what your thoughts are of the game and I hope you enjoyed my Clementine series 🙂



It has been a long time since I showed my step by step progress on here besides it being a speed painting video. So here we are, I start with sketching and I love to leave the graphite marks on my works because it helps me paint and I think it creates a great affect especially for Walking Dead since the game has the dirty/messy detailing.

The second painting as you can see is a few layers of flat colours. Watercolours works with layers so I do is I put down a layer at a time to darken the colours or add any shading. The third photo shows my near completed painting, so here I went over the painting with pencils to add depth and details. I also went over some lines with a fine point pen to add the classic comic book style – true to the game.


And lastly, the finished painting. I will scan the painting with my A3 Brother MFC-J6920DW printer/scanner. It is a great product, I managed to save up for it early last year which is why I have been able to upload so often. This scanner does take away a lot of colour, so I have to tweak the colour/contrast settings in GIMP 2 as much as I can to bring back its colour which works really well. Then I resise it in two sizes, one for Redbubble to get quality prints and a low-res copy for social media like what you are looking at above.

And that is it, if you have any questions or if your process is different then I am happy to hear them. 🙂





Clementine is a character from Telltale’s The Walking Dead season one game title. Clementine = the reason why The Walking Dead games are much loved. Best character in the whole franchise in my opinion. I don’t care how much fanart there is of her, I didn’t do one and I really wanted to in the spirit of the new season 😄

Did you love the game titles? Let me know below!





Here is my new painting! :O This week was a big deal for me, I graduated university Friday, with a BA in English Literature. I love stories! 😀 Here is a selfie I took on the day:


The robe and cap was super comfortable. I didn’t want to take them off! 😄 And yes, this is what I look like. I haven’t shared photo of me before because I am awfully shy 🙂

It was at the end of 2012 where I started my first semester at USQ after going through an entry course. Back then I was dreaming of my graduation ceremony and it became my motivation when my courses got too tough or there seemed to be no end to all of the essays. And there I was, at my ceremony in the cap and robe and testamur in hand. I did it! 😀

What about you, do you attend university or are you still in high school?