Into The Dark

I wanted a painting that was told in two stories but was linked in some way.

The sun and moon always have their dance at dusk and you can see the two entangling their separate worlds together:

As the sun dies it’s light illuminates the sky with mystical shades of yellow, orange and pink with the blue sky showing some reminiscence as if saying goodbye. When the sun dies, it’s light is soft but dying too so there is darkness high above and this is when you can see the moon, illuminated by the dying sun, and surrounded by stars now visible by the lack of sunlight.

The two are connected in such a brief moment, but together they are entwined.

I think of this dance as a parent and their child  but to you, who is the moon and sun?

Maybe lovers?

Mani chasing his sister Sol


Fruit Bat


Day 7 of Halloweek! Our Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes in Brisbane are orange and black (normally orange on the body but I wanted this one to be black) and are adorable, although not many people think so. Fun fact: this bat carries the Hendra virus so now they are extra terrifying. Plus they are loud at night and are fine with swooping right past your head at night.

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