‘”Lift me up high”‘, I said to my wings,
Into the sky, where there are kings,
“I shall not cry!” But I don’t have wings.


It have been really hot in Australia too and my body does not agree with it. I became dizzy the other night just by laying down!

I hope you enjoy this painting and my poem.

How have your weeks fared?



Accidental Beauty

So today I was working on a painting and accidentally made a tissue paper painting 😛

I sometimes lay toilet paper underneath my painting to prevent paint from pooling along the sides. The toilet paper was still wet in the pictures so it give it a rippling texture and I thought it looked so beautiful. The blue gradient really added to this as well, so beautiful!

This last one was from another painting but it was the toilet paper that made this yellow texture as well. I thought it was really neat!

I come across these accidental paint things sometimes but I really needed to share this since it looks so beautiful!

To me, because of the blue gradient, it looked like the beach at low tide. What do you think? If you paint do you get things like this happen?

Original Art For Sale!


Hello Everyone!

My weeks seem to get busier and busier, sometimes I get time to relax and watch my favourite Netflix drama: currently watching Let’s Eat 2 with fruit salad (!), it’s a Korean drama but I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t stand eating sounds (chewing, slurping, blowing and such).

If you didn’t know I am now selling my sky scape originals on Etsy here: Cadva on Etsy pictured above is my store, I have 11 items so far and I have mostly A5 sized paintings and some A4. They Range from 10-20AUD

Details are listed on each individual item so please take a look!

How have your week been? Watched anything good?



Calm + new paper



I mentioned that my normal watercolour paper has been out of stock at my local art store for a few weeks that is why I was not able to upload an artwork last week. I am use to painting on Eraldo Di Paolo cold pressed paper and it is great for me but since Riot art and craft have been out of it I went to Eckersley’s art and craft where I brought Fabriano cold press pads. They both are of the same quality and cost (~$26) but they do have differences.


It takes longer to paint on Fabriano paper because I have to wait for the paint to dry, so it can’t hold a lot of water than what Eraldo can. I find that Erlado paper can hold more paint where as with Farbiano, the paint comes off with excessive water. Also Fabriano’s paper had more tooth than Erlado which contributed to it not being able to hold a lot of water. So the painting above was painted on Fabriano cold-press watercolour paper and it is good paper but it does not suit the way I paint. And once I am done with the paper I brought I will go back to Eraldo, if Riot finally have some instock that is -_-

So have you tried Fabriano? What did you think? Or do you have your favourite watercolour paper you constantly use?

I am also planning to sell the original of this painting. So click here to keep up with my Etsy store.