Dustin // Stranger Things


Here is Dustin from Stranger Things!

More Characters.


Mike // Stranger Things


Hi everyone! Busy and exciting month ahead for me; end of semester and Halloween! Last year I did a Hallo-art-week where I sketched something spooky related everyday up to November 1st (day of the dead).

But anyway, this is Mike! A character from Stranger Things, if you haven’t watched the show yet, what are you doing? Go! Watch it now! Haha, but before you do please check out more of my ST character portraits; Eleven and Will.


Eleven // Stranger Things



Introducing Eleven from Stranger Things! Super awesome tv show that was inspired by 80’s science fiction and has great foreshadowing and character depth. I still found errors in this painting of Eleven but I am still quiet pleased with how it came out. I am looking forward to painting more characters from Stranger Things and possibly from other films and shows I love 😛 (maybe even some portraits for my Halloweek).