I did another 4 set of paintings today, this is the first. I will be selling the originals on Etsy so head over there to see my store!



Harry Potter and Gaze


I have two artworks to blog about this time because I forgot to upload my digital painting of Harry on Monday (Grrr). Harry took some time to do and I was planning to animate him like I did with Napoleon and Kip but I got lazy and lost some time in the past week. I am planning to do more animations so look forward for that! 😀


This is the last in my skyscape collection, I am selling all the originals on my Etsy store here: I will be painting more skyscapes in the future so this won’t be my official last, I think I found my niche in sky paintings.



Progress of Napoleon Gif


Napoleon Dynamite progress!

So I wanted to show you all my progress of Napoleon Dynamite animation. This was an idea I had that I just had to do. I originally wanted audio but I do not own the software to do that so I illustrated and animated Napoleon in GIMP. You can see in the last screenshot that eyelids I drew for the animation sequence. Gross right? I had 2 layers for the blinking eyes and two layers for the lip twitch. You add these layers to sit on top of each other to create animations in GIMP or Photoshop 🙂 I have done animations before and I am planning to do more soon!