Back in the swing of things 🎨 can’t keep away from my brushes! I have been busy with a new course, secret projects and procrastinating. However, I love painting so much. It helps me meditate and keeps me sane.

I have been drawing more. When I was younger I use to draw with a felt tip pen and so I brought a fancy book and Faber Castell pens and now I am in the process of practicing.

It is a good break from when I feel burnt out from painting. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I have bad art days or I am just not feeling it and having my pens helps me have a break.

That’s it for me for now. I hope I can be consistent again.


Black & White

For the past few days I have been flexing my artistic abilities by drawing small felt pen works in my A5 art diary.

These drawings are so quick and easy and also relaxing. Also good practise for me. I like just free styling without worrying about messing it up – though I do a little πŸ˜‹πŸ–Š mistakes with drawing is cheaper than mistakes with paintings πŸ˜†

It is great to practice like this. I hope you don’t mind, I am sure to do more of these drawings in the future.

^^ ~


Last week I took one of my A3 watercolour papers and cut one square and the rest was a small rectangle. I wanted to do an experiment using an irregular shaped and sized paper and it was a success! It turned out well, though I wanted it to look a bit different but maybe I can try again for another painting.

I need more paint and more time! I have been busy but still find good time to keep my art spaces updated.

What art things have been successful for you?

Stephen Hawking Progress

The yellowish marking you can see in the photo above is masking fluid. I buy Art Spectrum Masking Fluid, this is the cheapest for me, you don’t need expensive masking fluid. This stuff is good to keep parts of your paper paint-free.

Painting for people that I respect makes the progress fast and fun with only a little bit of fear that it might not be good enough for said person. But this one I felt is good.