Progress of Napoleon Gif


Napoleon Dynamite progress!

So I wanted to show you all my progress of Napoleon Dynamite animation. This was an idea I had that I just had to do. I originally wanted audio but I do not own the software to do that so I illustrated and animated Napoleon in GIMP. You can see in the last screenshot that eyelids I drew for the animation sequence. Gross right? I had 2 layers for the blinking eyes and two layers for the lip twitch. You add these layers to sit on top of each other to create animations in GIMP or Photoshop 🙂 I have done animations before and I am planning to do more soon!


Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner


So I made this sweet gif, you probably will get super jealous. (No, why would anyone be jealous of animating, it is freaking torture. GOSH)

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