When I met you, there was a deepness,
And in that deepness there was lightness,
The golden light with all its brightness,
This is your magic.

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I was in need of more paint and I got some! WOO! I am reunited with my Prussian Blue ❤ (which you can see in the painting)

I use Eraldo Di Paolo 12 tube set and I buy them from Riot Art and Craft. I have to buy them online now because my local store does not shelve them anymore D: In my package I recived free Holcroft paint, which I know is an American brand that mostly sells Bob Ross supplies. I recieved a “trial size” tub of acrylic paint in a glittery gold colour.

They claim that their acrylics are thick impasto paint which is true. I added water to it to paint the flowers and I really loved how opaque you can make the paint. The best thing about this colour is that it glistens in the light and oooooo! It is so pretty!

Have you tried Holcroft? If so what do you think of it?