Progress of Napoleon Gif


Napoleon Dynamite progress!

So I wanted to show you all my progress of Napoleon Dynamite animation. This was an idea I had that I just had to do. I originally wanted audio but I do not own the software to do that so I illustrated and animated Napoleon in GIMP. You can see in the last screenshot that eyelids I drew for the animation sequence. Gross right? I had 2 layers for the blinking eyes and two layers for the lip twitch. You add these layers to sit on top of each other to create animations in GIMP or Photoshop 🙂 I have done animations before and I am planning to do more soon!


The Space in my Head


The colours are a tiny bit different than in the original painting because my printer can not pick up really transparent colours. It was only a tiny bit, you can still see some shadows such as along the jaw line. I posed for this painting like I do for all of my paintings. I find it is easier this way. My holidays have ended which is a shame, I was enjoying them damn it! I did get my results back and I am so pleased with my grades, I achieved two credits.

This painting in particular is another abstract portrait, a project I have been doing. I did not intend for them to have a consent galaxy theme but it is symbolic of a new chapter in my life; the progression of human life. The moon especially symbolises a new phase. My life so far has had a major shift and it is both exciting and uncertain; just like space.