It’s You


Another quick skyscape painting, I will be putting the original on my etsy page go see here:





This one was tricky to edit! And I am not feeling too good about it but it’s not bad. My last painting did so well, everyone loved it and now I feel as though nothing will be any better. *sigh* well, what do you think?




This artwork above was painted with Eraldo Di Paolo and Art Spectrum watercolour paints. The pinkish colour is Art Spectrum’s Permanent Rose which I adore. It is such a beautiful shade and pairs so well with Prussian Blue – as used here too. Apart from white, prussian blue and permanent rose was the colours I used for this painting. The roses was cut out from an old painting that did not go right for me so I saved them and finally got to use them.

I used the last of my Eraldo Di Paolo watercolour paper for the landscape paintings so I found old acrylic paper and found it much more thicker to use for watercolours. Because of this the water does not ruin or warp the paper as much as the Eraldo Di Paolo paper. For now on I am going to by thicker paper. Even after 9 years of painting I am still learning.

Weep has a personal and emotional meaning that can be summed up in one word:Loss.