Here is my new painting! :O This week was a big deal for me, I graduated university Friday, with a BA in English Literature. I love stories! 😀 Here is a selfie I took on the day:


The robe and cap was super comfortable. I didn’t want to take them off! 😄 And yes, this is what I look like. I haven’t shared photo of me before because I am awfully shy 🙂

It was at the end of 2012 where I started my first semester at USQ after going through an entry course. Back then I was dreaming of my graduation ceremony and it became my motivation when my courses got too tough or there seemed to be no end to all of the essays. And there I was, at my ceremony in the cap and robe and testamur in hand. I did it! 😀

What about you, do you attend university or are you still in high school?


Calm + new paper



I mentioned that my normal watercolour paper has been out of stock at my local art store for a few weeks that is why I was not able to upload an artwork last week. I am use to painting on Eraldo Di Paolo cold pressed paper and it is great for me but since Riot art and craft have been out of it I went to Eckersley’s art and craft where I brought Fabriano cold press pads. They both are of the same quality and cost (~$26) but they do have differences.


It takes longer to paint on Fabriano paper because I have to wait for the paint to dry, so it can’t hold a lot of water than what Eraldo can. I find that Erlado paper can hold more paint where as with Farbiano, the paint comes off with excessive water. Also Fabriano’s paper had more tooth than Erlado which contributed to it not being able to hold a lot of water. So the painting above was painted on Fabriano cold-press watercolour paper and it is good paper but it does not suit the way I paint. And once I am done with the paper I brought I will go back to Eraldo, if Riot finally have some instock that is -_-

So have you tried Fabriano? What did you think? Or do you have your favourite watercolour paper you constantly use?

I am also planning to sell the original of this painting. So click here to keep up with my Etsy store.