Last week I took one of my A3 watercolour papers and cut one square and the rest was a small rectangle. I wanted to do an experiment using an irregular shaped and sized paper and it was a success! It turned out well, though I wanted it to look a bit different but maybe I can try again for another painting.

I need more paint and more time! I have been busy but still find good time to keep my art spaces updated.

What art things have been successful for you?




Today, a day of bestowment,
Unseen future, uncertainty,
But on this day, in this moment,
It feels like electricity.


This is my last painting of 2017! :O this year have been a waiting period for me, lot of ups than downs so 2017 was good to me. How did 2017 treat you?





‘”Lift me up high”‘, I said to my wings,
Into the sky, where there are kings,
“I shall not cry!” But I don’t have wings.


It have been really hot in Australia too and my body does not agree with it. I became dizzy the other night just by laying down!

I hope you enjoy this painting and my poem.

How have your weeks fared?