Sore but willing to take flight,
Scared but graced by morning light,
Fit and free I came to be,
And from there you flew with me.

My PC broke recently, I have not been able to use it to edit my paintings but I still managed.



Deep into the Unknown

Deep into the Unknown_copy.jpg

New ventures are magical, hidden behind a veil of the unknown.

It have been very hot these past few weeks so my artworks have slacked. There is near to no places where I can paint and not sweat my butt off. I hope you are surviving the heat or enjoying the cold.



The Rain

The Rain_copy

I don’t understand why I like this painting because I think it is not that great but I do haha. XD It is a nice break from skyscapes though, although I LOVE painting skyscapes and you all seem to love them too. I would like to go back painting ideas that I have too.

I thought this was interesting to share too, I began the night sky paintings because I had hit a brick wall creatively that I could not paint anything. So I just started painting a blue sky and added some clouds and it turned out pretty good.

I do plan to sell some original skyscapes soon too, I just am having trouble find reasonably priced A3 sized mailers. If you knew an Australian store that sells some that would be much appreciated!






Painted with watercolours. This artwork is related to the rest of the abstract portraits I have done so far this year. They have been very self-reflected upon my own psyche and the many events that have happened to me in recent times. This piece symbolises this. Within is a vast empty space with many things going on. Just like with anyone; there is so much happening within.