The Rain

The Rain_copy

I don’t understand why I like this painting because I think it is not that great but I do haha. XD It is a nice break from skyscapes though, although I LOVE painting skyscapes and you all seem to love them too. I would like to go back painting ideas that I have too.

I thought this was interesting to share too, I began the night sky paintings because I had hit a brick wall creatively that I could not paint anything. So I just started painting a blue sky and added some clouds and it turned out pretty good.

I do plan to sell some original skyscapes soon too, I just am having trouble find reasonably priced A3 sized mailers. If you knew an Australian store that sells some that would be much appreciated!






So I had another bad art day Sunday and some things did not go according to plan in the last week. Like having trouble with my Etsy store and having dizzy spells. Everything is sorted out however, I have my Etsy store up and I am taking iron supplements for the dizzy spells. I had a blood test and everything. Other than mild iron deficiency I have a very health body 😀

So after such a busy week, I was able to finally sit down last night and paint something that helped me calm my mind. Night skies are so addictive to paint and if you see my recent posts it is all you will see XD