I designed this for a poem I wrote about owls but when I uploaded it to Redbubble, I saw how great it looks on products. I feel spiritually connected to owls, probably because they are awesome šŸ˜€ So please check them out in the link below! What animal do you feel most connected to?





So I had another bad art day Sunday and some things did not go according to plan in the last week. Like having trouble with my EtsyĀ store and having dizzy spells. Everything is sorted out however, I have my EtsyĀ store up and I am taking iron supplements for the dizzy spells. I had a blood test and everything. Other than mild iron deficiency I have a very health body šŸ˜€

So after such a busy week, I was able to finally sit down last night and paint something that helped me calm my mind. Night skies are so addictive to paint and if you see my recent posts it is all you will see XD




Music has always been a large part of my life and if I had to pick one band I would, hands down, have to go with Bon Iver because I love allĀ of their songs and I can listen to them forever. My favourite song of all time is Towers by Bon Iver. I paintedĀ TowersĀ in 2012, and it has been my best seller and favourite artwork I have done because it embodied by favourite song. When I paint songs, I first listen to the music and I will always picture the song in visual form so that is what I did with Bon Iver’s songs.

In these visions I do always envision a human body with a stag head because I feel as though the stag head represents dominance and the subject matter. I guess the water to me is symbolic of reflections since the songs are of a state of reflection upon past events. I write in the parts of the lyrics that I am most drawn to. I used watercolours and pensĀ for this artwork.Ā Other songs I have painted of Bon Iver’s areĀ Towers,Ā Flume,Ā andĀ Calgary.

This painting was inspired by Bon Iver’sĀ Michicant